Coupons & Specials

Tuesday/Wednesday Special

Seniors 55 + Every Tuesday: $21.95 for Regular Car Wash

Customer Appreciation Day every Wednesday: $21.95 for Regular Car Wash

Albertsons and Stater Bro’s Coupons

Shop at Albertsons or Stater Bro’s and receive coupons for your next wash on the back of your receipt. 

Albertsons Location: 8938 Trautwein Rd, Riverside, CA 92508

Stater Bro’s Location: 315 Alessandro Blvd, Riverside, CA 92508

Join Five Stars!

Recieve Points Per Dollar and Redeem for special pricing

383 E Alessandro Blvd.

Riverside, CA 92508

Open Everyday

Mon-Sun 8AM-5PM